About Tracy Solomon!

Behind the words:

I am Tracy Solomon, 51 years old.
I have written blogs, numerous articles and published a book over the last 21 years.

My book, “Shadows to light your way” is available for purchase through Lulu.com, Amazon, Scribd, and many more digital media sites.

I have found as I have gotten older, my interest focus less on myself and more on things that will outlive me. Doing this has me to see beyond my own issues and my family’s problems but also what is going on within our community, our nation, and within our world. Knowing this and allowing myself to focus on helping others and hear what others are facing enables me to gain insight which also brings more purpose into my own life which is what I think each of us can grow from and learn from if we allow ourselves to be more open to this need within ourselves and to the need of others.

You see, we all matter equally. Although we must first know ourselves and trust ourselves before we can begin to reach out to others and learn to love and trust those around us and around the world.

I hope and pray to be able to leave the world better than I found it.

“Each day has a moment to remember forever. If we are lucky, we’ll be watching and realize the moment.” Tracy L. Solomon

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