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Recovery for America Pt. 3 – Is education a priority?

In the last article of this series, “Education Reform”, the different issues concerning education in America was looked at and some of the changes currently being made were focused on. Please take the time to read over the previous article. Is education a priority in America?

In the United States, nearly 6.2 million students dropped out of high school in 2007, according to a report by the center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and the Alternative Schools Network in Chicago, Illinois. Why?

Students across the nation drop out for different reasons. In some areas there is gang violence, racial issues or drugs. Other students lose interest due to poor grades, lack of incentive, situations at home, lack of teacher involvement or the loss of ambition and many times due to outside influence.

Many people believe the students dropping out are low achievers but actually quite often, they were receiving high tests scores and just felt unmotivated and uninspired. These dropouts could have been avoided by more challenging work and more relevant studies as well as more positive influences.

Of course, there are those that drop out due to failing grades but even then, the question is who is failing who?

The fact is education is a necessity for a productive and successful life. This must be a priority for everyone including children, parents, government and community.

It is a must for everyone to work together from the time each child begins their school years till they complete their schooling. A parent’s involvement not only helps to keep their student motivated but also helps enforce what goes on at school. Understanding what the school expects and what homework assignments are being sent home helps keep the student more on track and allows the teacher and school administration the ability to communicate any concerns or feedback to the parents or guardians. Communication is a key element and allows even more possibility for the student’s potential to become that much more attainable.

In a student’s high school years, many freedoms come their way with more activities, a different type of high school schedule and many students will start driving and possibly working a part-time or even full-time job.

However, it is during this time many students find their education and goals starting to collide or become unclear. Teachers don’t always have the time to personally interact with their students and in larger schools especially, a student can feel more in the background and unsure of what their future holds.

With less personal interaction from teachers, and parents becoming less involved due to their child seeming more independent now being in high school, grades and goals can begin to diminish. It is during this time when students need more interaction and help with setting up their plans and keeping up with their grades, school attendance and graduation requirements.

What about the United States standard graduation requirements? Over time, the U.S. has dropped in education throughout the world. Not only should our students meet the graduation requirements but our students should be able to face the world, head on.

In order to do this, we as a nation need to make education a top priority. Our students need to not only learn the basic requirements to graduate but also how to face a situation, think and resolve, form ideas and opinions and learn about the world and its people around them. Our students need to be inspired to excel in all they do and go beyond what is expected because they want to exceed in the world. The tools need to be there for them to live up to their full potential.

For students to achieve in school and regain our standing in the world, this needs to be a national priority. With voting coming up, let your candidates know where you stand. Let them know this is a top priority. Let your school know this is a priority and you plan to be involved starting this year. Education in America must return to a top priority for the sake of all students and the future.

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Recovery for America Pt. 2 – Education Reform

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was last reauthorized in 2002 as No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Although the NCLB has sparked many controversies due to its tests and the time spent on test preparation vs. time spent on education in other necessary areas of learning, it did shed light on the achievement and opportunity gap in our nation’s schools.

Students should be able to face the future when leaving school and they should have the best opportunity during their early education through their High School years. It should not depend on where they live, their family income or their circumstances.

In America, education is an equal opportunity. It should be.

The question for a High School student should not be, “Can you read?” That should be an expectation in elementary school and middle school. To be competitive in the world, the U.S. needs to ask more of its students which means the educational system needs to be more innovative, diverse and competitive itself, always moving forward.

Can U.S. students form an opinion about something they just read and justify their opinion? Can they create solutions when faced with problems? Are they prepared for college? Do they know what is going on in the world around them? Students of today are leaders of tomorrow, business owners, doctors, scientist, inventors, parents, and teachers. It is up to today’s leaders, teachers and society to help prepare them for their future.

On February 17, 2009 President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The ARRA provides $4.35 billion for the Race to the Top Fund, a competitive grant program designed to encourage and reward states that are creating the conditions for education, innovation and reform. Click the above link to read more about how this Race to the Top fund is expected to change education.

Although some programs come in and seem to work while others don’t and some bills can easily get passed through Washington while others get held up or turned down, the fact is not everything goes as planned or as promised.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama reached many college students. One of the goals he proposed was to raise the $1800.00 tax credit for college students to $4000.00. However, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the existing law currently has the tax credit set at $2500.00 for college students.

As of July 1, 2010 all new federal student loans will be originated through the Direct Loan program, instead of through the federally-guaranteed student loan program. The Direct Loan program is a more reliable lender for students and more cost-effective for taxpayers. This bill will increase the maximum annual Pell Grant, expand the Perkins Loan Program, simplify the application process for federal student aid and boost support for community colleges.

The United States has continued to lose ground in education worldwide over the last 20 years. For the U.S. to gain this ground back, students must be able to do more than just basic studies. They need to be able to use those skills and apply them to real life situations, show the ability to think, reason and problem solve. The educational system needs to provide them the atmosphere to grow and learn.

Students need the ability for further education and the desire to pursue higher goals. Family and community involvement, with the help of schools, will better promote an environment in which a student is able to seek support and focus on their studies.

By being involved in local schools, school districts and knowing what is going on with upcoming pieces of legislation, a person can vote on important matters that will be in effect for many years to come. Education is the key to the future.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

What does Arizona’s law have to do with individuals’ rights?

As it nears the end of July, it would be hard to imagine anyone that hasn’t heard what is going on with the controversial law in Arizona. The SB1070 was due to go into effect tomorrow, July 29th. Legal challenges were filed against the law including one by the United States Department of Justice questioning its compliance with civil rights law and its constitutionality. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton today has *blocked the most controversial parts so those parts of the law from going into effect. However other parts of the law will go into effect tomorrow. Read the ruling here. The SB1070 law either way, has already had quite an impact nationwide.

Although this law is set to take place in the state of Arizona, many other states are looking at enacting similar type laws as well. In Florida, the Gubernatorial Candidates have gone back and forth on where they stand. Bill McCollum in April had been quoted saying, “I think Arizona has its own unique problems. I don’t think Florida should enact laws like this — quite that far out.” He has since released a statement which in part says, “I support Arizona’s law as amended, and if the federal government fails to secure our borders and solve the problem of illegal immigration, I would support a similar law for Florida.”

How would a law in one state have an effect on every other state? The immigration system, however poorly it may be viewed has been a federally handled system. It has been handled systematically across the states. This has been very evident to not be appropriate for many reasons and there are obvious changes that need to go into effect. There needs to be a complete overhaul or total reform of sorts. This needs to have been done in the past but certainly it is long overdue.

Although something may be done with the best of intentions, the citizens’ rights may not be completely protected and when the rights of individuals start getting taken away by laws that were not voted on by voters but instead put in place by politicians who are trying to get re-elected, individuals need to really take a step back and understand that somebody has at one time had to earn these rights, fight for their freedoms and remember that a person’s rights and freedoms shouldn’t be so easily discounted when decisions are being made.

Everyone has a right that just as easily can be taken away with reasons that can begin to be argued. It comes down to which side of the “issue of the moment” someone is on.

Inspired or Angered?


*In 2007, Gary Oppenheimer ended up with leftovers from his garden that his family could not use. In trying to find a way to put his fresh produce to use, he came upon an idea that has since really caught on and is not only helping him use his excess surplus but is also helping others in need to eat and stay healthy and has given gardeners across the nation a way to get involved and help save lives. His idea grew into AmpleHarvest.org. The free online resource enables food pantries to register and be listed in a central nationwide directory, and makes it possible for American gardeners to easily find the local pantries where they can donate extra produce.

*HelpOthers.org is just an amazing source of ways to reach out to anyone. If you have someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and aren’t sure how to make that connection again, visit this site. If you want to do something nice for someone and aren’t sure what to do, go by this site. They have a lot of good “random acts of kindness ideas.” They also have something called, “Smile Cards”. They are cards you can either print up yourself or they will mail them to you, FREE!! Yep, totally FREE!! How kind is that?? You can donate if you can or want to but other people donate to keep this service going. The idea is though that you will mail out these cute little smiley cards to cheer up someone’s day. And, let me tell you, cards do cheer up someone’s day. Having a daughter that has spent month after month straight in the hospital, cards are great! But, also think about the fact that now-a-days the only thing most people still get in their mail box is bills or junk mail. When is the last time you sat down and wrote a nice little note to someone and stuck a stamp on it? Yeh, stamps? Texts and emails are nice but a note or letter in the mail? Wow! But, drop by this site, there are a lot of great ideas and even stories on there.

*Out of personal experience and having lived in the “world of cancer” for so long now I can tell you that being around cancer patients and kids fighting cancer, I am surrounded by inspiration. I find it very difficult to complain about a headache or a bad day since I have been introduced to people that daily fight for their lives while being inflicted with so much pain and sickness. Do you know what I noticed right away on the oncology floor that I would have never imagined to have seen? I noticed a lot of smiles, lots of smiles. I am not sure if they were always there, if people were just always smiling and I didn’t notice it or if it was the fact that the people fighting hardest for their lives found more of reason to smile through each day they were living. I think it is the second point. I think they found more of a reason to smile. I will never forget when I noticed those smiles. Ever. They inspired me to notice that each day is different and each day is a gift. They inspired me to realize even more that none of us are promised the next day, the next hour or even our next minute. Life is a gift.

*In a previous article on my blog, “21 Days Makes a Habit”  I spoke about the Pay It Forward Foundation.  . The idea of “Pay it Forward” was brought out very clearly after a movie was released in 2000 based on the novel. In the movie, an 11 year old boy, Trevor is doing a project for his science class. Trevor calls his plan “pay it forward”, which can be described as a charitable pyramid scheme, based on good deeds rather than profit. “Paying it forward” means the recipient of a favor does a favor for a third party rather than paying the favor back. His plan not only caught on but it caught on BIG! This 11 year old inspired a movement and people really felt so eager to do something for others. They not only did something but they did so with a happy heart and in many cases, their heart had been closed or had been just going from day to day not really feeling much of anything.

*Do you think the above people are still doing what they started doing in the links mentioned above? I mean once someone gets inspired to get involved like Gary Oppenheimer with his garden helping others or people that go by helpothers.org once, do you think they will go by a second time. Well, the people that started that site were inspired enough to start it and the people that donate to keep the cards free obviously have been inspired enough to get involved to help with that part of the service as well. I know we have been so inspired by our daughter’s fight for life and others’ fight for life as well as how different organizations such as BeTheMatch.org, Florida Blood Services, and so many others that we wanted to do our part to further help educating others on the need for marrow donors and blood product donation as well as helping families going through transplant so we started our own foundation, the Katia Solomon Foundation back in 2003. Inspiration tends to continue on a daily basis because it not only touches your life, it touches your heart. It has somehow changed your life and maybe given you purpose.

So, what else moves people to get up and do something? There are a lot of times people get angry over something that happens in a community and a community gets together to make a statement. It can be a tragic accident with a drunk driver, a missing person that a community gets together to help find and sometimes the news turns out with a very happy ending or the reverse of that story the person is found murdered after a long search. When communities come together to help each other, it is great and even better when the news covers the story. When a community stands up against a tragedy together, it often brings the community together.

However, so many things have become arguable. Things that most would think are beyond argument. I mean one can always find a path to an argument if you choose to go looking but these days it seems nearly anyone is ready for an argument, ready to take sides on things that there should be at least a clear understanding on certain parts of the story.

I mean has it really come to the point that everything is an argument and that is what motivates people to speak up? Get involved?


Here are a few examples.

*Oil in the gulf… is bad. The problem has to get fixed. We need accountable, competent people fixing the problem until there is no more oil coming out of the oil well. A lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot of damage is being done to wildlife and beaches. This damage is going to last for a very long time. Everything needs to be done to assure these issues do not happen again.

*Immigration Reform is something that will always be a work in progress as our country is in a constant change and each year more people will migrate here from different countries all over the world. As our country is constantly changing and more people are coming and going, laws need to be updated and relooked at on a normal basis. Our country’s safety is always a top priority.

*Education is the foundation to a good future. Every child in every town across America deserves a good education. This should be a top priority across our Nation.

*If you think your child is sick, you take them to the doctor. That is what any good parent does, right? Not if you don’t have health insurance. Well, of course you should be able to take you child to the doctor or go to the doctor if you are ill. Of course you should be able to go to the doctor for regular screenings that can catch cancer early, diagnose the beginning of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or many other diseases that when left untreated can end up causing significant health problems and run up enormous health cost or cause death. Health reform was set out to correct this issue.

Personally I don’t see where there is even an issue with any of the above things mentioned. I don’t see how someone can jump on any of those statements and say how there is a disagreement as those stand. I can see how there is something a person can jump on IF they already have a set view and don’t want to look at the plain, easy-to-see picture as it stands. There is always a way someone can drag it from the “left” to the “right” and not see it in the way of humanity and simply as what is just the basic right thing to do. That is very often overlooked until things get just too far out of hand or something so tragic happens that the cloudiness over our eyes that has been put there by our own views and the views of what we watch, read or listen to is finally washed away by tears of tragedy and sadness. It doesn’t need to come to that to see how we can be a part of doing what is right even though we may feel differently about some things. Just because we may see things in a different view doesn’t mean we should overlook basic human rights, common sense and being part of the growth of our nation and not a hindrance on our growth.

My response to the above issue:

*When a company is responsible for the death of any of its employees, damage to natural habitat, loss of jobs and the ways of lives that have gone on for generation after generation, they should claim that responsibility. It should be done in a legal way according to a way that is laid out and agreed upon. Too often these types of incidents become something more like a “witch hunt”. At this point it doesn’t matter what side you’re on or even if you aren’t keeping up with BP and the leaking oil in the gulf, you are on the wrong side. Someone is totally against you and you don’t know what you are talking about. The fact is this was the first time this has happened and yes, it should NEVER have happened. It has taken a long time for someone to even come close to finding an answer and there is still oil leaking in the gulf at this moment…leaking, leaking, leaking. Not like a dripping faucet either. More like barrels just being dumped! But, the point is, nobody has the answers. I think a lot of people want to do a lot of firing and even more people want to find a problem. Even more wish this had never happened. This is the optimal time for political parties and campaigns to point fingers of blame at each other. It will go on for years. But pointing fingers and placing blame on each other doesn’t make it right and it certainly doesn’t reverse time, fix the leak or clean up the gulf now does it?  While I am typing this, there is hope of a new solution fixing the problem…let’s pray this works.

*Immigration Reform is another one of those issues that either people really have an opinion on or some people just don’t touch the topic due to its heated debates. This country was built with immigrants. There is hardly anyone in the United States that didn’t have family who at some point in time migrated from another part of the world. At different times, there were different standards of how immigration was done, how land was claimed, or what rights a person had as an immigrant. If you have read my past articles, “Will History Repeat Itself?”  and “What Divides Our Nation“, you will see how far our country has come and also have to ask yourself what is going on now? For a country that has been built on diversity, freedom and so many have fought for human rights even fighting for the human rights of others in countries around the world, why is it that the immigration issue is now becoming something that would even come close to taking away anyone’s human rights. Not sure what I mean? Read “Arizona is just the beginning… watch out!”  Yes, Immigration Reform is a necessity and it is something that needs to be done now and continuously monitored. It is a federal issue and it is something that both democrat and republicans need to work together on. You see, everyone came to this country seeking freedom and a better life, right? This country. The UNITED States of America.

*Education is something that everyone should see is a top priority. I think that part everyone would say, “Of course, absolutely.” The education system in our country has moved down the list when compared to other countries and there is absolutely no reason for that. When George W. Bush became president, he signed the No Child Left Behind ActIt was signed to increase funding, accountability of schools and teachers and close the gaps between minorities and children in impoverished areas. It measured students annually through standardized tests. The numbers that came back were shared and showing improvements for the first few years. The gaps were closing and the funding appeared to be working for the teachers’ incentives. Schools that were doing a poor job needed to earn a better grade to get more money. There were problems with the NCLB act. The tests were on math and English. So, to score a higher grade, teachers were “teaching to the test”, basically preparing their students for the test and not teaching on other subjects or preparing them for even their next school grade. There is also the idea that ALL students can take the same test and the school can be judged by the outcome or the teacher can be judged by the outcome. Although a teacher does teach in the classroom, more often, that has less to do with what students take away from a class. Although our students go to school each day, they are taking less education away from school and more outside influence. I feel there could be 10 standardized tests on education a year and it really wouldn’t give much information at all about what students are learning in schools. There is certainly not anything standardized about the public school system in America.

I don’t believe in stating a problem without a solution so here is at least the beginning of a solution because to give anymore would be another blog. What is missing from our public schools and even most private schools today is the communication between the student and their parents, the communication between the parents and the teachers and the communication between the parent, teacher and the student together. If a teacher knows that the parent and the student are communicating (and that is saying you do communicate with your child) and then the teacher knows they can communicate with you if there is an issue at school, it opens up a whole new avenue of tools for the teacher to use to help your child with their education. Teachers have less available to them now than ever before when it comes to dealing with their students. They are teaching less due to funding, testing and class size. They are held back and paid very little but are expected to turn out something amazing after approximately 35-45 a day, 5 days a week with your student. How often do we as parents get involved with our students after school, ask what they are doing, read something they have written, talk to them about their friends, their goals, etc. Teachers can’t do all the teaching. Our children are our responsibility. Teachers are there to help us teach our children. We should know what they are doing and communicate with their teachers. A teacher should have a phone number they can feel free to contact you and know you are there to work with and take part in your student’s education ALL the way through their school years.

*To me, the last one is just a simple fact of humanity. If someone is sick, they go to the doctor or the hospital to get better. That shouldn’t have anything to do with whether they are rich or poor, have a certain type of health insurance or another or have no health insurance. It shouldn’t have anything to do whether they have recently lost their job or do not have a job. It is their health. They are not going to the doctor to get a 6 pack of beer, a tattoo or play poker. It is not a day at Disney or a free vacation. It is the doctor’s office and it is either that they are sick or someone they take care of is sick. It’s pretty simple to me. I am not even going to go into the politics of all the things our country’s citizens will pay money on but taking care of people when they are sick is something that I don’t consider should be one of these things that should cause a roaring debate for over a year in this country. When we are each born, we aren’t promised to be born into a family that has it all!! We aren’t promised to be born into a country that has it all!! During our life we aren’t promised there won’t be any obstacles or tragedies to come our way. Anything can happen to any of us at any time. That I can promise you. A family member can come down with a terminal or debilitating illness and either with insurance or without insurance bills add up. A car accident can suddenly put one of your family members into a coma for a long time and they can come out with irreversible brain damage. Again, even though you may have the best of insurance you can lose everything due to medical bills. What if the person that is diagnosed with the medical condition or involved in the accident is the one the medical insurance is under? What if you have insurance and then lose that insurance? You are then with the millions of others without medical insurance. So many people are willing to stand against EVERYONE without insurance saying they don’t want their money going to pay for people without insurance but yet these people fighting against those without medical insurance don’t know the stories of these individuals without insurance. They think they do. They think they are all people that have never worked a day in their lives, don’t plan to and just live off the system, thanks to the tax payers!

Meanwhile, plenty of the people at those rallies didn’t have health insurance. Many people right next to those people at their jobs making plenty of money to be able to buy their own insurance didn’t have health insurance. Why? A lot of people don’t think they need it. While people at low paying jobs who are thought not to have insurance do have insurance because their company offers it and the employees understand the importance. You see, you can’t judge a person unless you not only know the person but you know the circumstances. So it is best just not to judge. My belief is that insurance is a right. Insurance should be available to everyone. Every company should be able to afford to offer health insurance to their employees and the employees should be able to afford to buy it. If health insurance was seen as a human right and a basic necessity, it wouldn’t be something our representatives could argue over for a year holding up a bill getting signed into law. It wouldn’t be something people fought over while people were getting sicker and dying. That tends to get overlooked or it is looked at and not cared about as though, these sick and dying ones are different than the ones that hold their insurance cards in their hands. They have a card that says they can live, for now.

So, you see I get motivated by both inspiration and anger but anger doesn’t make me go and do something that isn’t going to solve anything. Anger doesn’t make me do something that is going to hold back another person from moving forward in their life. Anger isn’t going to get me to do anything that will hold someone back from getting what they need to live a full and happy life. No.

I have been inspired to do everything in my power to see that I leave this world better than I found it.

I have been inspired to help someone who is down.

I have been inspired to think of a solution instead of dwelling on the problem.

I have been inspired to look past the differences and see the likenesses.

I have been inspired to not only dream but to soar with the possibilities.

I have been inspired to not only see what can be done now but to inspire others that will go on long after my time is over.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”. Robert Byrne

Arizona is just the beginning…. Watch Out!

Has Arizona’s crime problem come to the point they need to take the law into their own hands? That is the question. That is not the only thing really going on here though. There is so much more under the surface of what is going on. This is like a long line of dominoes and the longer “Arizona” is able to continue lining up those dominoes without having a stop put to it before they all fall down, the worse the situation can get.

Let me explain.

Arizona is saying their biggest problem is the border and the immigrants, actually the illegal immigrants coming across that border. It can’t be denied the illegal immigration is a problem and what the United States has done to this point hasn’t been working. The question here is what is Arizona’s reason behind this law? What are their future plans? What comes after this law has been in effect for a while? Read on.

Governor Jan Brewer signed the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, otherwise known as Arizona SB1070 on April 23, 2010.  If you haven’t read the law, I urge you to do so. Not to get a negative or positive opinion of it but the knowledge of what the law says and stands for. Most people are hearing about the law, talking about the law but haven’t read the law.

Certain parts can be explained about the law, for example; the law says a person can only be asked for their identification if they have been pulled over in a traffic incident or are already doing something wrong but if you read the law closely, parts of it are directed toward a certain group of laborers as well. These laborers are most always immigrant laborers, legal or illegal. It is directed. It is also directed at those that will be in the country over 30 days whether visiting or on a study visa or there for whatever reason, they have to register (which I am fine with that) and have their I.D. on them at all times. If for whatever reason they are with someone or in a situation and they are asked for that I.D. and they don’t have it, then they risk being arrested? Let me point out that this is for anyone that looks fits the image they are saying could be an illegal immigrant. This person could be a fourth or fifth generation U.S. Citizen. You can look Hispanic and not even be Hispanic. You can be Hispanic and not even look Hispanic. You see the loopholes here?

The idea here for Arizona, they say, is to find illegal immigrants but they haven’t said how they are going to handle the people that just don’t walk around with their I.D. Think about it. If you look like who they are looking for which in this case is “Illegal Mexicans” and I don’t get that either because Mexico itself has citizens that have diverse look? I don’t know, I guess Arizona’s government and police know who they are looking for. However, in either traveling or living how many times do you go places without your I.D.? Well, legal or not, you better make sure you have it on you in Arizona or just don’t visit Arizona.

The second problem is this. The Arizona Governor is making it sound like the majority of crime is being caused by the same people they are hoping to “root out” by this law. So, she makes it sound like these are ruthless individuals, gangs and members of drug cartels. Could this not be something that could turn out to be dangerous and violent for the police and the citizens of Arizona? What happens if something occurs during one of these situations where an officer is trying to prove immigration status? Someone reaches in their shirt or pocket for their I.D. and an officer thinks they are pulling out a weapon and shoots the individual? Then come to find out, the person had no weapon and was actually a Mexican-American Citizen with no weapon? What is the next step? Have they already thought ahead to a worse-case-scenario? If I have thought of this, they must have. It is their state and the safety of their citizens they say. Mind you, their citizens include Mexican immigrants that have lived there for generations. Their safety alongside everyone else’s is the priority of this law, is it not? What would be the next step? How would they make it more clear or visible who is a legal immigrant or an illegal immigrant? You know “safer” for everyone involved. That is what Arizona is after, right? Are they going to ask for anyone that looks Hispanic to wear their I.D. around their neck? This is beginning to sound a little familiar. But, I can see it going there just by the way things would be playing out in the different case-scenarios. They aren’t really too far off base to me. I mean it is a touchy situation for everyone involved when you put it in a State Government’s hands.

At this moment many Hispanics are saying they don’t want to go into Arizona to visit due to the new law and others are moving out due to this new law going into effect. At the same time, the attention this law has brought about has had its own “Silver Lining” according to one News Article that points out how some Mexicans are seeing a group of Americans standing up against the SB1070 law including President Obama. The numbers go both ways with a large group of Americans supporting the law and other Americans standing against the law. This has definitely been something that has seemed to “draw a line in the sand” when it comes to debating how people feel when it comes to immigration reform laws.

As far as politicians, this is like Hot Potato. Some want to jump on board and go with one idea and others don’t want anything to do with it especially now with elections so close. Although Republican Barry Wong, a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, an elected body that decides public utility issues came up with an idea of cutting electricity, water, natural gas, even telephone lines at the homes of illegal immigrants, he said it would lower costs for the rest of the state’s customers.

The idea of taking away basic necessities from someone, even kids is something I can’t personally see anyone thinking would further their political career but how dare someone believe that is even remotely okay something like that when it comes to human rights? Cutting electricity and water wouldn’t be acceptable in a third world country. Has it come to that? Really?
Senator Russell Pearce, a Republican of Mesa Arizona says he wants to see the SB 1070 law mirrored across the U.S. He wants it to be the law of the land. He is working with representative in 18 other states to draft the legislation.

“It will be the law of the land,” Pearce said to a few hundred participating in a support rally for SB1070. “We’re not waiting on Washington, D.C.” He is backed by the Tea Party Movement.

Arizona’s immigration law makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

Arizona’s Border is more than Mexico. First and simply, Arizona borders Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. That is geographically and visibly obvious. Whoever wants to come and go from those states is free to do so and whoever is in Arizona is free to come and go into those states. But Arizona is part of the U.S. and whatever goes on inside of Arizona affects all of the United States and all of its Citizens and it is having a great deal of affect on Mexico’s citizens. This is something that has been shown through not only our history but the history of the world. It is not always what you are doing but how you go about your actions.

Certainly there has been a problem with border control. Both the Mexican government and our government see that. Certainly things need to happen to fix that and it needs to have happened already, a long time ago. That is not the fault of the citizens of Arizona. That is not the fault of children that have been born here to parents that were here without their legal status. Arizona is also trying to turn over or rewrite the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

14th Amendment: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

This isn’t the first mention of changing a part of the U.S. Constitution or not agreeing with a very important part of our U.S. History and what we have fought for which is freedom and equality for all. If you remember just recently, Rand Paul’s speaking about the 1964’s Civil Rights Act.  First he stated that he believed private businesses should be able to say who they serve and do not serve but in an interview with Robert Siegel of All Things Considered on National Public Radio he states, “And to tell you the truth, I haven’t really read all through it because it was passed 40 years ago and hadn’t been a real pressing issue in the campaign, on whether we’re going for the Civil Rights Act.” What? How old is the U.S. Constitution? Is it just old material? Invalid? These documents have been fought for and are there for more than just a simple reason to be glanced at when someone gets a chance. Rand Paul thinks that the Civil Rights Act needs to be changed but hasn’t read it?

This is something that is new for a large group that we keep hearing from more and more these days. A group making a lot of noise and wanting to say how wrong things are going and how nothing is happening in Washington D.C. and the only way to fix it is to listen to them and get them in there so they can fix it. Once everybody hears their message and joins their rallies, follows their movement then things will go the right way. Finally things will work out. They have been saying that on and on for a long time on their news network, at their rallies, at their Tea Party Movements and yet they held office for eight years and left a mess. Now they want to say they have the answers and for everyone to move aside?

I mentioned earlier about the dominoes lining up and the longer they are allowed to line them up, the worse it gets. Well, that is what is going on in Washington. There are a lot of excuses as to why nothing can happen but why? There is a big need for Immigration Reform, right? Everyone knows that. It is not a simple problem. Who is making the most noise about it? The Republican Party. Who is blocking the progress on not only that but nearly anything that tries to get moved through the House and the Senate? Why is that? What are they waiting for? Again, they had eight years to get things done. How did Immigration Reform go during that time? Was the border safe then? Did this all just now start? If this is a problem, why can’t the Republican Party work with the current administration in the White House? Isn’t this for the good of the American people? Isn’t that what they are elected for? Or, is Arizona’s government doing this for political gain and the Republican Party doing this for political gain? Who is working for the American people? Even if they want political gain out of the situation, I am sure their constituents will see they were part of getting something done if they could do so without all the fuss. If they could make common sense speeches as to why Immigration Reform needs to move forward and how it will benefit the country and how it will benefit the country for both parties to work together to get the job done.

Like I said, Arizona borders more than Mexico. I talked about the physical border but this isn’t just about Arizona. Crime is everywhere in the U.S. Crime is not caused by a person’s nationality or their location. It is caused by the person. The person chooses to commit the crime. Many crimes are hate crimes. I talked about this in an earlier article, “Are you the “right” color?” Please click on the link and read the article. It is a very worthwhile article to read. It goes along with and discusses the problem in Arizona as well.

America is a great country, with a big land that was founded with many dreams. It seems that what America has been built on is falling right through our cracks. Those are our freedoms, our desire to grow and expand, to learn and invent and to leave behind something better than we found.

Our country has been run with a government from the beginning of its founding. It is our job to elect that government and in doing so we also elect to work with that government. When there are Bills in the House or the Senate continuously not getting passed due to party lines and this is the person you have voted for, it is time for you to rethink your vote. This is why things don’t happen in Washington D.C. This is where the things get bogged down. We are going to watch it with the Immigration Reform Act. This is where you matter, you make the difference. You make a choice. It isn’t your party, it is your vote.

What else is in our control? Arizona is not alone. Arizona isn’t at the top of the list for crime. Immigrants aren’t the reason crime has risen in the U.S. While the government is working on immigration, there is far more that needs attention.

In an article, “That’s how a lot of these shootings happen…over nothing” a former high school teacher in Chicago points out how abundant guns were in his school. In Chicago the Supreme Court ruled June 28th the ban on guns was unconstitutional. The teacher states how abundantly gun availability is and the students admit having to walk away from a hand fight knowing what it will lead to. It is a city basically held hostage to the knowledge of how many people are walking around with guns. They aren’t anywhere near a border.
What is your biggest fear? Who do you try to protect? Do you appreciate your freedoms?

Have you read the U.S. Constitution? Does it bother you that politicians would like to change it? Right now the parts they have mentioned trying to change may not affect you but what if they want to change something that does affect you? Then what? If one part can be changed, then another part can. I spoke about that also in the previous article I mentioned, “Are you the “right” color?” When you are talking about one person’s rights being taken away, you are also talking about the ability of your own rights being taken away.

So much of what I see going on in our nation today makes me think of what has gone on throughout our world in history. I keep asking myself how people can’t see the resemblance of past world horrors that can be repeated. I wrote a rather long article, “Will history repeat itself?” I always think that people would recognize something that would be so obviously similar before things would happen but this situation in Arizona and the fact that other states want to copy the law is just something that people are brushing off but it isn’t something that should be taken so lightly. People become desensitized to what is often hidden racism. It can be labeled as “law enforcement….safe neighborhood act” but it is what it is when it isn’t looking out for a person’s civil rights and human rights. People need to step back and put themselves in the shoes of others.

Stand up and get the representatives in Washington D.C. to do their job, stop hiding behind their party lines and vote to pass the Immigration Reform Act. Don’t leave it to the states to make up their own laws, their own rules and start trying to make changes to our Constitution. They don’t want Washington to work the way it is supposed to. They want it to continue to fail so they can continue to beat the same dead horse and tear this Nation apart piece by piece. Don’t vote in people that aren’t willing to work in Washington but want to just make their own rules and laws and tear apart our U.S. Constitution, our Land, our People and our Freedoms. Today you may be on one side of those rights they are taking away but tomorrow you may be on the other side.